CEFT, experts in creating value from waste


Climate changes and rapidly depleting natural resources are two major issues that deserve our full attention, both now and in future. Therefore CEFT is dedicated to finding innovative ways to manage waste, while at the same time protecting the environment. CEFT can now prove that waste can be an important source to produce valuable secondary products, thus creating a cleaner environment. CEFT shows that renewable energy is a valid and economically viable proposition.


CEFT utilizes Pyrolysis as this is the most efficient and rewarding way to generate value from various waste types.


The technology that CEFT represents has been in use since 1995 and has the largest installed base in the world. Over sixty installations are operational globally. All installations vary in size and configuration.


CEFT and her partners have extensive knowledge and experience which is utilized in every new project. From developing realistic business models, to assistance during the permitting process and processing various waste/feedstock streams.